Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aurora borealis, Vintage 1960s Aurora Borealis BROOCH WITHOUT FASTENER (2238)



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Vintage vintage brooch1960s vintage broochaurora vintage broochborealis vintage broochrhinestone vintage broochbrooch. vintage brooch1 vintage brooch3/4" vintage broochdiameter. vintage broochSilver vintage broochtone vintage broochmetal. vintage broochAll vintage broochrhinestones vintage broochare vintage broochfaceted, vintage broochpresent, vintage broochand vintage broochintact. vintage broochBeautiful vintage broochcolor! vintage brooch vintage broochNO vintage broochFASTENER!!! vintage brooch vintage broochExcellent vintage broochcondition. vintage broochUnsigned. vintage brooch vintage broochTHIS vintage broochCAN vintage broochBE vintage broochSEWN vintage broochON vintage broochA vintage broochJACKET, vintage broochPURSE, vintage broochJEANS, vintage broochOR vintage broochATTACH vintage broochTO vintage broochA vintage broochHAIR vintage broochACCESSORY!! vintage brooch vintage broochTOO vintage broochGORGEOUS vintage broochTO vintage broochBE vintage broochTORN vintage broochAPART vintage broochFOR vintage broochPARTS.

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