Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bridal, FINE Art Deco Antique French 1930s jet black ONYX and enameled filigree flower link panel necklace choker collar Flapper



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Description:EXQUISITE bridaloriginal bridalclassic bridal1930s bridalFrench bridalArt bridalDeco bridalnecklace. bridalThis bridallobely bridalpiece bridalwould bridalmake bridala bridalfantastic bridaladdition bridalto bridalany bridalserious bridalcollection bridalof bridalArt bridalDeco bridaljewellery. bridalIt bridalis bridalfine bridalfiligree bridalbrass bridalpanels bridalwith bridalenameled bridalflowers bridalon bridaleach bridalinterspersed bridalwith bridaljet bridalblack bridalOnyx bridalpieces. bridalThe bridalchain bridalis bridalalso bridalfinely bridalworked bridalfiligree bridalpieces bridaland bridalthere bridalis bridala bridalring bridalclasp. bridalThe bridalpiece bridalis bridalnot bridalmarked, bridalbut bridalis bridalnevertheless bridala bridalclassic bridaland bridalbeautiful bridalArt bridalDeco bridalpiece. bridalI bridalhave bridalseen bridalthe bridalexact bridalsame bridalpiece bridalwith bridalblue bridalglass bridalpanels bridallisted bridalfor bridalUS$250 bridalon bridalebay!! bridal bridalfrom bridala bridalFrench bridalestate bridalin bridalNormandy. bridalCondition:Very bridalgood bridalantique bridalcondition, bridalminor bridallosses bridalfrom bridalthe bridalenamel.Measurement:The bridalpiece bridalmeasures bridal15 bridalinches bridallong. bridalI bridalam bridalmore bridalthan bridalhappy bridalto bridalanswer bridalany bridalquestions bridalabout bridalthis bridalitem bridalso bridalplease bridalconvo bridalme!

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