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7mm, 14kt Engagement Ring with White Sapphires



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This 7mmis 7mmsuch 7mma 7mmnice 7mmsetting.Absolutely 7mmelegant... 7mmSet 7mm14 7mmaccent 7mmWhite 7mmSapphires, 7mmmeasuring 7mm2mm 7mmeach. 7mm 7mmAll 7mmsapphires 7mmare 7mmgenuine 7mmfrom 7mmSri 7mmLanka.Normal 7mmheat 7mmis 7mma 7mmcommon 7mmpractice 7mmwhat 7mmdrives 7mmthe 7mmimpurities 7mmfrom 7mmthe 7mmsapphire 7mmleaving 7mmit 7mmclear 7mmand 7mmflawless. 7mmColor 7mmDClarity 7mmVVS/IF. 7mm(The 7mmcolor 7mmand 7mmclarity 7mmis 7mmfor 7mmall 7mmsapphires.)Set 7mmin 7mma 7mm14kt 7mmwhite 7mmgold 7mmand 7mmRhodium 7mmcoated 7mmfor 7mmprotection 7mmand 7mmshine 7mmfor 7mmyour 7mmsetting.Wonderful 7mmalternative 7mmto 7mmdiamonds 7mmand 7mmat 7mma 7mmfraction 7mmof 7mmthe 7mmcost.Center 7mmsapphire 7mmmeasures 7mm7mm= 7mm1.35ct. 7mmVery 7mmdiamond 7mmlike.Can 7mmbe 7mmset 7mmin 7mmyellow 7mmgold 7mmand 7mmrose 7mmgold, 7mmthough 7mmfor 7mmrose 7mmgold 7mmthe 7mmprice 7mmwill 7mmbe 7mma 7mmlittle 7mmmore.Layaway 7mmavailableJust 7mma 7mmlittle 7mmdown 7mmwill 7mmget 7mmyou 7mmstarted 7mmon 7mmlayaway. 7mmThen 7mmyou 7mmmake 7mmthe 7mmterms.

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