Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

clusters, Acrylic Star Cluster Dangle Earrings on Plated Findings Available in Three Colors



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Sara starsJewelry starsDesign starsChristmas starsJewelry. starsTiny starsplated starsmetal starsstars starsare starsfilled starswith starsacrylic starsand starscascade starsin starsbunches starsfrom starsplated starsfish starshook starsear starswires starswith starsa starscoil starsand starsball starsdesign. starsDangle starsis starsapproximately stars1-1/4 starsinches stars(27mm). starsAvailable starsin starsthe starscolor starscombinations starsshown.Listing starsis starsfor starsone starspair starsof starsearrings; starsthe starsfollowing starsare starsin starsstock: starsBlue starsand starsSilver stars3 starspairs starsavailable; starsClear starsand starsGold stars2 starspairs starsavailable, starsGreen starsand starsSilver stars1 starspair starsavailable.Sara starsJewelry starsDesign. starsYour starsDesire starsis starsOur starsDesign.

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