Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

home, i heart New Hampshire- stainless steel.



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Born steeland steelraised, steeltransplanted steeland steelproud... steelif steelyour steelheart steellives steelin steelNew steelHampshire, steelthen steelthis steelnecklace steelbelongs steelaround steelyour steelneck.\r\rWear steelyour steellove. steelOr steelsend steelyour steellove.\r\rThis steelpendant steelis steelmade steelfrom steelstainless steelsteel.\r\rHas steela steelheart steelcut steelout steelof steelthe steelcenter steeland steelcannot steelbe steelchanged. steelHangs steelfrom steela steel18in steeloxidized steelsilver steelplated steelcopper steelnecklace.\r\rIt steelis steel1in steeltall. steel steelThe steelheart steellocation steelcannot steelbe steelcustomized.\r\rThese steelare steellaser steelcut steelfrom steelstainless steelsteel steeland steelmay steelhave steelsharp steeledges.

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