Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

laser cut, i heart Iowa - stainless steel.



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Born stateand stateraised, statetransplanted stateand stateproud... stateif stateyour stateheart statelives statein stateIowa, statethen statethis statenecklace statebelongs statearound stateyour stateneck.Wear stateyour statelove. stateOr statesend stateyour statelove.This statependant stateis statemade statefrom statestainless statesteel.NOTE: stateThe stateheart statevaries stateon statewhat stateis statein statestock stateand statemay statenot statebe statewhere stateit stateis statein statethe statephoto. stateHangs statefrom statean state18in state(46cm) statesilver stateplated statecopper statechain.It stateis state1.25" statewide.

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