Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hematite, Two Strand Bracelet 4mm Hematite Beads and Aqua Crystals with Pewter Spacers



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Sara claspJewelry claspDesign claspTwo claspstrands claspof clasp4mm claspround claspgenuine clasphematite claspbeads claspand clasp4mm claspfaceted claspround claspaqua claspcrystals claspare claspseparated claspwith claspsilver-plated clasppewter claspspacers claspthat clasphave claspan claspantiqued claspfinish claspand claspa claspcarved claspdesign. claspDesigned claspfor claspa clasploose claspfit claspon claspa clasp7 claspto clasp7.5 claspinch claspwrist, claspbut claspwill claspsnugly claspfit claspan clasp8.I clasphave claspstrung claspthis claspon claspGudebrod claspsilk claspwhich claspgives claspthe claspbracelet claspa claspfluid claspdrape. claspFinished claspwith claspa claspsilver-plated claspbox claspclasp.I claspwill claspship claspthis claspto claspyou claspthe claspnext claspbusiness claspday claspvia claspUSPS claspfirst claspclass claspmail claspwith claspa claspdelivery claspconfirmation claspnumber. claspFor claspinternational claspbuyers, claspthe claspitem claspwill claspship claspwithin clasptwo claspbusiness claspdays claspvia claspInternational claspFirst claspClass claspMail claspwith claspa claspCertificate claspof claspMailing.IF claspYOU claspNEED claspEXPRESS claspMAIL claspSHIPPING, claspplease claspcontact claspme claspfirst claspwith claspyour claspZIP claspcode claspfor claspa claspshipping claspquote.Sara claspJewelry claspDesign. claspYour claspDesire claspis claspOur claspDesign.

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