Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amazonite Nuggetsbrown, Picture Jasper Rounds and Copper Rounds Beaded Necklace



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From boldSara boldJewelry boldDesign. boldI boldhave boldblended boldamazonite boldnugget boldbeads boldwith boldpicture boldjasper boldrounds boldand boldsmall boldcopper boldspacer boldround boldbeads boldin boldthis bold18 boldinch boldnecklace. boldFeatures bolda boldtoggle boldclasp boldin boldan boldantiqued boldcopper boldfinish.My boldMPIN boldItem bold#NW042207-01. boldAmazonite boldis boldan boldamazing boldand boldbeautiful boldgemstone. boldIt boldis bolda boldpale boldblue boldgreen boldin boldcolor boldwith boldvery boldlight boldwhite boldstriations. boldIt boldis boldfar boldsturdier boldthan boldturquoise boldand boldfar boldless boldexpensive boldthan boldaquamarine, boldthe boldtwo boldstones boldnearest boldto boldit boldin boldcoloration. boldWhen boldblended boldwith boldthe boldwarm boldbrowns boldand boldcreams boldof boldpicture boldjasper boldand boldthe boldshine boldof boldcopper, boldyou boldhave bolda boldrecipe boldfor bolda boldrichly boldcolored boldpiece boldof boldjewelry.I boldwill boldship boldthis boldyour boldway boldthe boldnext boldbusiness boldday boldvia boldUSPS boldfirst boldclass boldmail boldwith bolda boldtracking boldID boldnumber. boldIF boldYOU boldNEED boldEXPRESS boldMAIL boldDELIVERY, boldplease boldcontact boldme boldfirst boldfor bolda boldshipping boldquote.Sara boldJewelry boldDesign. boldYour boldDesire boldis boldOur boldDesign.

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