Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand painted, Red Foiled Glass Lampwork Round 3-Station Necklace on 18 inch Gold Plated Chain



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Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldI goldhave goldmade goldthree gold12mm goldgold goldfoiled goldred goldlampworked goldglass goldrounds goldthe goldfocus goldof goldattention goldin goldthis gold18 goldinch goldgold goldplated goldchain goldnecklace. goldLight goldand goldlively goldlook. goldSpring goldring goldclasp. goldMy goldMPIN goldItem gold#NW110807-06.I goldwill goldship goldthis goldyour goldway goldthe goldnext goldbusiness goldday goldvia goldUSPS goldfirst goldclass goldmail goldwith golda goldtracking goldID goldnumber. goldIF goldYOU goldNEED goldEXPRESS goldMAIL goldDELIVERY, goldplease goldcontact goldme goldfirst goldfor golda goldshipping goldquote.Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldYour goldDesire goldis goldOur goldDesign.

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