Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tigers eye, 16 carat Golden Tigers Eye 18mm Round Cabochon in Antiqued Copper Finished Steel Necklace



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Sara floralJewelry floralDesign. floralAt floral16 floralcarats, floralthe floralcenter floralof floralthis floralwhimsical floralflower floralmeasures florala floralwhopping floral18mm floralin floraldiameter floralin floralshimmering, floralgolden floraltiger's floraleye, floralwhich floralis floralalso floralknown floralas floralgolden floralscapolite. floralThe floraltiger's floraleye floralcabochon floralhas floralbeen floralcement floralset floralinto floralthe floralcenter floralof florala floral40mm floraldiameter floralfloral floralcomponent floralmade floralof floralsteel floralthat floralhas floralbeen floralplated floralin floralan floralantiqued floralcopper floralfinish floralThe floralintegral floralchain floralis floralalso floralsteel floralthat floralhas floralbeen floralplated floralin floralantiqued floralcopper floralfinish. floralOverall floralnecklace florallength floralis floral18 floralinches. floralThe floralhook-and-eye floralclosure floralis floralpewter floral(a floraltin-based floralalloy) floraland floralis floralplated floralin floralantiqued floralcopper.My floralMPIN floralItem floral#NW floralCU floral062412-02.966Sara floralJewelry floralDesign. floralYour floralDesire floralis floralOur floralDesign.

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