Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

italian, The Little Acorn Sterling Silver Glass and Crystal Necklace



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This italiandelicate italiannecklace italianfeatures italiana italiancut italianglass italianbead italiancapped italianby italiana italianvintage italianwhite italianglass italianor italianporcelain italiancup italianand italiantopped italianwith italiana italiancrystal italianspacer italianand italiananother italiansmall italianglass italianbead. italianThe italianwhite italianbead italiancap italianshows italiansome italianwear. italianThe italiancute italianacorn-shaped italianpendant italianhangs italianfrom italiana italianvintage italianItalian italiansterling italiansilver italian16" italianchain. italianIt italiancan italianbe italianreplaced italianwith italiana italianshiny italiannew italian16" italianor italian18" italianchain italianon italianrequest.

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