Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco, CELTIC 1950's Mid Century MODERN Vintage Genuine COPPER Art Deco Pin & Earring Set



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This celticunusually celticelegant celticcopper celticbrooch celticand celticmatching celticearrings celticare celtica celticstylized celticCeltic celticdesign celticcomprised celticof celticswirled celticand celticabstract celticcopper celticbordered celticby celtictwisted, celticflattened, celticthick celticcopper celticcircles. celticCopper celticjewelry celticwas celticvery celticpopular celticespecially celticin celticthe celtic1950\u2019s-1960\u2019s, celticand celticthis celticset celticis celticcirca celtic1950\u2019s. celticThe celticbrooch celticmeasures celtic2-1/4\u201d celticdiameter celticand celticthe celticearrings celticare celticabout celtic1\u201d celticdiameter. celticThese celticare celticin celticexcellent celticvintage celticcondition. celticIt celticis celticnot celticsigned celticon celticthe celticback celticto celticindicate celticits celticdesigner. celticThe celticearring celticbacks celticshow celticwear celticbut celticthe celticbrooch celticdoes celticnot. celticA celticgorgeous celticlook!Like celticthis celticitem celticand celticlooking celticfor celticmore celticlike celticit? celticAre celticyou celtica celticdealer celticand celticwant celticto celticbuy celticin celticquantity? celticCheck celticout celticour celticnew celticstore celticon celticetsy celticfor celticwholesale celticvintage celticpurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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