Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearls, Green glass leaves with pearl drops on goldfill wire. Delicate color for an elegant earring



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Translucent earwiresgreen earwiresglass earwiresleaves earwiresin earwirescombination earwireswith earwirestwo earwireswhite earwirespear earwiresshaped earwirespearls earwiresmake earwiresthese earwiresearrings earwiresstand earwiresout. earwiresThe earwiresleaves earwiresare earwires1" earwireslong earwiresand earwireshang earwiresfrom earwiresa earwiresgoldfill earwiresearwire. earwiresPearls earwiresare earwiressuspended earwiresfrom earwiresa earwiresgoldfill earwiresstem. earwires earwiresThese earwiresearrings earwiresare earwiresvery earwireslight earwiresweight. earwires earwiresThey earwireswill earwiresaccent earwiresa earwiresholiday earwiresdress earwiresbeautifully. earwiresTotal earwireslength earwires1 earwires1/4"

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