Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

radiant cut, 4ct. 14kt Radiant Cut White Sapphire Pendant



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The radiant cutbeautiful radiant cut10x8mm=4ct. radiant cutWhite radiant cutSapphire radiant cutRadiant radiant cutCut radiant cutis radiant cutFrom radiant cutSriLanka radiant cutand radiant cutheated radiant cutonly.Color radiant cutDClarity radiant cutVVS/IFSet radiant cutin radiant cut14kt radiant cutwhite radiant cutgold. radiant cutThis radiant cutcan radiant cutbe radiant cutreset radiant cutin radiant cutrose radiant cutgold radiant cutor radiant cutyellow radiant cutgold radiant cutas radiant cutwell.Silver radiant cutchain radiant cutis radiant cutavailable radiant cutupon radiant cutrequest.One radiant cutor radiant cuttwo radiant cutof radiant cutthe radiant cutphotos radiant cutshows radiant cutspots.I radiant cutguess radiant cutmy radiant cutcamera radiant cutdoes radiant cuttoo radiant cutwell, radiant cutbecause radiant cutthose radiant cutare radiant cutnot radiant cutspots radiant cutbut radiant cutin radiant cutfact radiant cutdust radiant cutor radiant cutlent radiant cutparticals.Rabbit radiant cutEar radiant cutBail.Layaway radiant cutavailable.

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