Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cluster, Sterling Silver Triangle Wire Bangle Bracelet



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I silverhave silverhere silvera silversterling silversilver silvertriangle silverwire silverbangle silverbracelet silvermade silverin silveran silveraverage silversize silverof silver2+1/2" silverdiameter. silverI silvercan silvermake silverthese silverin silverany silverdiameter silveryou silverwish. silverThe silverwire silversize silveris silver3.12mm silverwide silverby silver2.51 silvermm silverhigh. silver silverThis silvermakes silverit silvera silverdainty silverstyle silverso silverit silvercan silverbe silveradded silverto silveryour silverother silverfavorite silverstyle silverbracelets silveror silvermix silverand silvermatch silverwith silversome silverof silvermy silverown silverstyles silveras silvershown silverin silverthe silverphotos. silverI silverwill silvermake silvera silverpackage silverdeal silveron silvertwo silveror silvermore silverbangle silvercombinations, silveror silverbuy silverjust silverthe silvertriangle silverbangle. silverThe silverthree silverbangle silvercombo silverin silverthe silverphotos silveris silver$115.00 silverwith silverfree silvershipping.

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