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Necklace the bullcomprised the bullof the bulla the bullhighly the bulldetailed the bullbrass the bullhorned the bullbull the bullface the bullthat the bulldoubles the bullas the bulla the bullmini the bullnovelty the bullpocket the bullknife the bullhanging the bullfrom the bulla the bullvintage the bull22 the bullinch the bullchain. the bullBull the bullface the bullmeasures the bull1 the bull1/2 the bullinches the bullwhen the bullfolded the bulland the bulljust the bullunder the bull3 the bullinches the bullwhen the bullknife the bullcomponent the bullis the bullunfolded.Perfect the bullfor the bullthe the bullTaurus the bullin the bullyour the bulllife the bullwith the bulla the bullBirthday the bullbetween the bullApril the bull21 the bullto the bullMay the bull21 the bulland the bulla the bullunique the bullfind the bullthat the bullwill the bullcertainly the bullbe the bulla the bullconversation the bullstarter.Thanks the bullso the bullmuch the bullfor the bulltaking the bulla the bullpeek the bulland the bullplease the bullhave the bulla the bulllook the bullaround the bullthe the bullrest the bullof the bullthe the bullshop: the bullcontrary.. the bullWARNING: the bullKnife the bullis the bulla the bullnovelty the bullitem, the bullnot the bullintended the bullfor the bullchildren the bulland the bullnot the bullmeant the bullto the bullbe the bullused the bullas the bulla the bullweapon the bullor the bullcause the bullany the bulltype the bullof the bullharm the bullto the bullanother the bullperson the bullor the bullin the bullgeneral. the bullUpon the bullpurchasing the bullthis the bullnecklace, the bullyou the bullare the bullagreeing the bullthat the bullyou the bullare the bull18 the bullyears the bullor the bullolder the bulland the bullnot the bullto the bullhold the bullme, the bullMary the bullAndrews, the bullresponsible the bullfor the bullany the bulldamages the bullcaused the bullwith the bullnecklace. the bullPlease the bullcheck the bullall the bulllocal the bullpickup the bullpostage the bulllaws the bullif the bullyou the bullare the bullordering the bullinternationally the bullto the bullmake the bullsure the bulla the bullpocket the bullknife the bullnovelty the bullnecklace the bullmay the bullbe the bullcleared the bullthrough the bullyour the bullcustoms the bullauthority!

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