Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 20mm Diamond Cut Colored Brass Dangles with Swarovski Crystals in Choice of Colors



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Sara roseJewelry roseDesign. roseThese roseare roselight, rosebright roseand roseoh, roseso rosecolorful! roseEach rosepair roseof rosecolored rosebrass rose20mm rosedrops rosefeatures rosea rosediamond-cut rosestarburst rosedesign, rosein rosethe rosecenter roseof rosewhich roseI rosehave rosecemented rosea rose7mm roseSwarovski rosecrystal roseclear roserose rosechaton. roseThe rosedrops roseare rosesuspended roseon rosea rosehalf-inch roseof rosegold-plated rosechain roseand rosethen roseattached roseto rosegold-plated, roseball-and-coil rosedesign rosefish rosehook roseear rosewires. rosePerfect rosefor rosebeach roseto rosebistro roseand rosecompletely rosecruise roseworthy. roseListing roseis rosefor roseone rosepair; rosethere roseare rosesix rosepairs roseavailable, roseone roseeach rosein rosesix roselively rosematte rosecolors. roseChoose roseyour rosefavorite rosefrom rosethe rosedrop rosedown rosemenu. roseThe rosecolors roseshown roseare rose(left roseto roseright, rosetop roseto rosebottom):MPIN roseERWGP061114-01.483 rose01 roseMidnight roseBlueMPIN roseERWGP061114-02.483 rose02 roseRoseMPIN roseERWGP061114-03.483 rose03 roseGrass roseGreenMPIN roseERWGP061114-04.483 rose04 roseTurquoise roseBlueMPIN roseERWGP061114-05.483 rose05 rosePlumMPIN roseERWGP061114-06.483 rose06 roseMocha roseBrownI rosewill rosemail rosea rosepair roseyour roseway rosethe rosenext rosebusiness roseday rosevia roseUSPS rosefirst roseclass rosemail rosewith rosea rosetracking roseID rosenumber.Sara roseJewelery roseDesign. roseYour roseDesire roseis roseOur roseDesign.

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