Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ruby and diamond heart pendant3 stone pendant, 14k yellow gold3 stone pendant, 1.1 grams3 stone pendant, L-12 mm x W-10 mm3 stone pendant, Gift for her3 stone pendant, July birthsone3 stone pendant, also an all occasion gift



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DAINTY birthday heart14K birthday heartYELLOW birthday heartGOLD birthday heartDIAMOND birthday heartAND birthday heartRUBY birthday heart birthday heartTHREE-STONE birthday heartPENDANT birthday heartSLIDE. birthday heart birthday heart birthday heartGIFT birthday heartFOR birthday heartHER, birthday heartJULY birthday heartBIRTHSTONE, birthday heartALSO birthday heartAN birthday heartALL birthday heartOCCASION birthday heartGIFT. birthday heart\r\r=====================================================\r\rMETAL birthday heartTYPE: birthday heart14K birthday heartYELLOW birthday heartGOLD birthday heart(STAMPED birthday heart14K birthday heart birthday heartA birthday heart& birthday heartZ)\r\rWEIGHT: birthday heart1.1 birthday heartGRAMS\r\rMAIN birthday heartSTONES: birthday heart1 birthday heartROUND birthday heartFULL birthday heartCUT birthday heartDIAMOND-.03 birthday heartCARAT; birthday heartAND birthday heart2 birthday heartROUND birthday heartRUBIES-03. birthday heartEACH birthday heartOR birthday heart.06 birthday heartCARAT birthday heartTW\r\rCLARITY/COLOR: birthday heart birthday heartSI1-SI2**H\r\rSTYLE: birthday heartSLIDE birthday heartHEART birthday heartPENDANT, birthday heartSTANDARD birthday heartPRONG-SET\r\rLENGTH: birthday heart birthday heart12 birthday heartMM\r\rWIDTH: birthday heart10 birthday heartMM\r\rEXCELLENT birthday heartCONDITION\r\rIMPORTANT: birthday heart birthday heartALL birthday heartMEASUREMENTS birthday heartARE birthday heartAPPROXIMATE\rSome birthday heart birthday heartphotographs birthday heartare birthday heartenlarged birthday heartor birthday heartenhanced birthday heartto birthday heartshow birthday heartdetail.\r\rFULFILLMENT: birthday heart3 birthday heartBUSINESS birthday heartDAYS\r\rNote: birthday heart birthday heartChain birthday heartcan birthday heartbe birthday heartpurchased birthday heartseparately. birthday heart birthday heartMade birthday heartto birthday heartorder birthday heartonly. birthday heartPls. birthday heartinquire birthday heartfor birthday heartpricing birthday heartif birthday heartyou birthday heartneed birthday heartone.

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