Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hibiscus Flower Pendenthawaiian flowers, Silver Flower Necklacehawaiian flowers, Hawaiian flowershawaiian flowers, Sterling and Copper by Meredith Hilt Designs



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This sterling silverlovely sterling silverHibiscus sterling silverflower sterling silverwas sterling silverhand sterling silvercut sterling silverfrom sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silversheet sterling silvermetal. sterling silverThe sterling silverpretty, sterling silvercontrasting sterling silvercenter sterling silverdetail sterling silverwas sterling silverhand sterling silvercut sterling silverfrom sterling silvercopper sterling silversheet sterling silverand sterling silversoldered sterling silverto sterling silverthe sterling silversterling sterling silverflower sterling silverbase. sterling silverThe sterling silverpiece sterling silverwas sterling silverthen sterling silverlovingly sterling silvergiven sterling silvera sterling silverpatina sterling silverfor sterling silvercontrast. sterling silverThe sterling silverflower sterling silverpendant sterling silverhas sterling silveran sterling silverattractive, sterling silversoft sterling silverpolish sterling silverto sterling silverreally sterling silvermake sterling silverit sterling silverblossom.The sterling silversilver sterling silverflower sterling silveris sterling silverapproximately sterling silver1.25" sterling silverwide sterling silverby sterling silver1.5" sterling silvertall sterling silver(including sterling silverthe sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silverhanging sterling silverring). sterling silverAn sterling silver18" sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silversnake sterling silverchain sterling silveris sterling silverincluded, sterling silverso sterling silverit sterling silvercan sterling silverbe sterling silverworn sterling silveras sterling silversoon sterling silveras sterling silverreceived!If sterling silveryou sterling silverare sterling silverlooking sterling silverfor sterling silversomething sterling silverreally sterling silverpretty sterling silverand sterling silverfeminine, sterling silverthis sterling silverflower sterling silvernecklace sterling silveris sterling silverit!This sterling silverwill sterling silverarrive sterling silverwrapped sterling silverin sterling silvertissue sterling silverand sterling silvertucked sterling silverinto sterling silvera sterling silverblack sterling silvervelveteen sterling silverdrawstring sterling silverbag. sterling silverIt's sterling silverready sterling silverto sterling silverbe sterling silvergiven sterling silveras sterling silvera sterling silvergift, sterling silveror sterling silverkept sterling silverjust sterling silverfor sterling silveryourself!\u00a92014 sterling silverMeredith sterling silverHilt sterling silverDesignsThe sterling silverArtist sterling silverreserves sterling silverall sterling silverreproduction sterling silverrights. sterling silverNo sterling silverwork sterling silvermay sterling silverbe sterling silverreproduced sterling silverin sterling silverany sterling silvermanner sterling silverwhatsoever sterling silverwith sterling silverout sterling silverexpress, sterling silverwritten sterling silverconsent sterling silverof sterling silverthe sterling silverArtist.

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