Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

letter, Letter G Personalized Jewelry Necklace Hand Embroidered Initial G



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Lovely letterembroidered letterinitial letternecklace letterfeaturing letterthe letterletter letter'G'. letterHand letterstitched letteronto letterbeige letterlinen letterfabric letterwith letterblack letterthread. letterVery letternice letterpersonalized letterjewelry.\rThe letterpendant lettermeasures letterapprox letter1.5 letterinches lettertall letterand letterapprox letter1 letterinch letteracross letter( letter4 letterx letter2.5 lettercm letter). letterThe lettersilver letterplated lettersnake letterchain letteris letter22 letterinches letterin letterlength.\rI lettercan letterembroider letterany letterinitial letterplease letterdo letterget letterin lettertouch letterif letteryou letterwant lettera letterdifferent letterletter lettersewn.

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