Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Natural American Turquoise Gemstone Crossleather necklace, Natural Leather Strap Handmade Necklace



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Natural silverBlack/Brown silverleather silverStrap, silver1" silverNatural silverBlue silverTurquoise silverGemstone silverCross silverHandmade silverNecklace silvermade silverby silverme, silver"Limpin' silverLizard". silver silverThis silverHandmade silverNecklace silveris silver17" silverinches silverlong silverplus silvera silver2" silverinch silverextension silverchain silverfor silvera silvertotal silverwearable silverlength silverof silver19" silverinches. silver silverFREE silverSHIPPING silverin silverthe silverUSA, silver$11 silverEverywhere silverelse. silverIt silvercosts silverme silver$14.83 silverto silvership silverto silveranother silvercountry silverwith silverthe silvernew silvershipping silverprice silverincreases, silverI silvermust silveroffset silversome silverof silverthat silvercost.

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