Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purse clip, Gorgeous Art Deco Sterling Silver Marcasite Shoe or Dress Clip. Circa 1930s.



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This silver clipis silver clipa silver clipgorgeous silver clippiece.Marked silver clipSTERLING silver clipon silver clipthe silver clipback.Shoe silver clipor silver clipdress silver clipclip silver clip- silver clipwould silver clipbe silver clipsuitable silver clipfor silver clipheavier silver clipfabrics. silver clip silver clipThese silver cliptypes silver clipof silver clippieces silver clipare silver clipgreat silver clipon silver clipscarves, silver cliphats silver clipand silver clippurses silver clipas silver clipwell.Measures silver clipabout silver clip1.25" silver cliptall.Marcasites silver clipappear silver clipto silver clipbe silver clipall silver clipaccounted silver clipfor.The silver clipgreen silver clipstone silver clipis silver clipcostume.Very silver clipnice silver clipart silver clipdeco silver clipdesign.

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