Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuff links, b001 Vintage Double sided Cuff links in Gold Tone Finish



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PRE-OWNEDPLEASE double sidedREAD double sidedENTIRE double sidedDESCRIPTION double sidedBEFORE double sidedPURCHASINGFor double sidedSale: double sided(1) double sidedPair double sidedVintage double sidedHandsome double sidedOval double sidedDouble double sidedsided double sidedCuff double sidedlinks double sidedin double sidedGold double sidedtone double sidedFinishPlease double sidedsee double sidedpictures double sidedfor double sidedmore double sideddetails!Features: double sidedVintage double sidedpair double sidedof double sidedcuff double sidedlinks double sidedin double sideda double sidedgold double sidedtone double sidedfinish. double sided double sidedOne double sidedside double sidedis double sideda double sidedbrushed double sidedor double sideddull double sidedgold double sidedthe double sidedother double sidedside double sidedis double sideda double sidedshiny double sidedpolished double sidedgold double sidedfinish. double sided double sidedThese double sidedare double sidedsigned double sidedG.L.P. double sidedCo. double sidedThey double sidedstill double sidedlook double sidedgreat double sidedfor double sidedtheir double sidedage. double sidedA double sidedhandsome double sidedand double sidedtimeless double sidedpair.In double sidedgreat double sidedcondition. double sidedSmall double sidedsurface double sidedscratches double sidedfrom double sidednormal double sidedwear. double sided double sided(AS double sidedSEEN double sidedIN double sidedPICTURES)Specifics:5/8" double sidedlong double sidedby double sided1/2" double sidedwide--------------------------------------If double sidedyou double sidedhave double sidedany double sidedquestions double sidedregarding double sidedthis double sideditem double sidedor double sidedpricing, double sidedplease double sidedfeel double sidedfree double sidedto double sidedcontact double sidedus double sided:)Please double sidedbe double sided100% double sidedsure double sidedof double sidedyour double sidedpurchase double sidedbefore double sidedbuying, double sidedas double sidedwe double sideddo double sidednot double sidedoffer double sidedrefunds. double sidedWe double sidedare double sidedmore double sidedthan double sidedhappy double sidedto double sidedprovide double sidedany double sidedspecific double sidedpictures, double sidedor double sidedanswer double sidedany double sidedquestions double sidedyou double sidedhave double sidedregarding double sidedour double sideditems double sided:) double sided double sidedALL double sidedINCLUDED double sidedITEMS double sidedARE double sidedIN double sidedPICTURESIf double sideddescription double sidedstates double sidedthat double sidedsomething double sidedis double sidedincluded, double sidedbut double sidedis double sidednot double sidedshown double sidedin double sidedthe double sidedphoto double sidedplease double sidedcontact double sidedus double sidedfirst double sidedbefore double sidedpurchasing.Do double sidednot double sidedassume double sidedanything double sidedis double sidedincluded double sidedthat double sidedis double sidednot double sidedshown double sidedin double sidedpictures.We double sidedclaim double sidedno double sidedresponsibility double sidedfor double sidedpossible double sidedinaccuracies double sidedin double sidedOriginal double sidedManufacturers double sideddescription.Shipping double sided& double sidedReturnsPlease double sidedallow double sidedadequate double sidedtime double sidedfor double sidedyour double sideditem double sidedto double sidedarrive double sidedbefore double sidedcontacting double sidedusDomesticWe double sidedship double sidedvia double sidedFirst double sidedClass double sidedMail double sidedUSPS double sidedwith double sidedsignatureRETURN double sidedPOLICYDefective double sideditems double sidedonly double sidedwithin double sided7 double sideddays.Any double sideditem double sidedlisted double sidedas double sidedparts double sidedor double sidedrepair double sidedMAY double sidedNOT double sidedbe double sidedreturned, double sidedPlease double sidednote: double sideditems double sideddesignated double sided"as double sidedis, double sidedno double sidedreturns" double sidedmay double sidedbe double sideddamaged. double sidedBuyer double sidedshould double sidednot double sidedexpect double sideda double sidedrefund double sidedfor double sidedany double sideditems double sidedso double sideddesignated

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