Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Wren Nest Necklace



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.......................................................\rHop, beadshop, beadshop beadsalong. beadsThis beadsenergetic beadsbird beadsis beadsknown beadsby beadseveryone beadsand beadssome beadseven beadsshare beadstheir beadshomes beadswith beadsit. beadsThe beadswren beadsmakes beadsits beadsnest beadsin beadsany beadscavity beadsaround beadsa beadshouse, beadsalong beadsthe beadseaves beadsor beadsin beadsa beadshanging beadsplant. beads\rIts beadsshape beadsis beadswell beadsknown, beadsperched beadson beadsa beadsbranch, beadsit beadssticks beadsits beadstail beadsfeathers beadshigh beadsinto beadsthe beadsair. beads\rThe beadsyoung beadswill beadsbegin beadsto beadsfollow beadsthe beadsparents beadsaround beadsa beadscouple beadsweeks beadspast beadshatching, beadsjumping beadsfrom beadsbranch beadsto beadsbranch.\r\rIn beadsthis beadsnecklace, beadsthe beadsbasket beadsis beadswoven beadswith beadssterling beadswire beadsupon beadswhich beadsthe beadsrhodonite beadsbeads beadsare beadsstrung beadsand beadsthen beadsnestled beadsinside. beads\r\rEach beadsnest beadsis beadshandmade beadsand beadswill beadsvary beadsslightly.\rThe beadsfourth beadspicture beadsis beadsof beadsmultiple beadsnests beadsavailable beadsfor beadssale beadsin beadsmy beadsshop.\r\rSpecifications: beadsThe beadspendant beadsis beadsapproximately beads.75 beadsin beadsdiameter beadsand beadsthe beadssterling beadschain beadsis beads16 beadsin beadslong. beads(18 beadsinch beadsor beadslonger beadsavailable beadsupon beadsrequest)\r\rVariable beadslengths beadsavailable beadsat beadsno beadsextra beadscharge beadsup beadsto beads20 beadsinches. beadsAdditional beadscharge beadswill beadsapply beadsfor beadsmore beadsthan beads20 beadsinches. beadsPlease beadsspecify beadsthe beadslength beadsyou beadsprefer beadsin beadsthe beads"Buyer's beadsNotes" beadswith beadsyour beadspurchase.\r\rPayment beadsOptions: beadsCredit beadsCard, beadsPaypal beadsor beadsMoney beadsOrder

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