Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper, Vintage Snowman Pin Brooch/ Metal /Silver Tone/ Gold Tone/ Copper



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Vintage vintage broochHoliday vintage broochSnowman vintage broochPin vintage broochBrooch. vintage broochMetal vintage broochpin vintage broochmade vintage broochof vintage broochbrushed vintage broochsilver vintage broochtone, vintage broochgold vintage broochtone vintage broochand vintage broochcopper.Circa vintage brooch1990s.Marked- vintage broochNone.Standard vintage broochsafety vintage broochclasp vintage broochon vintage broochback.Measures vintage broochapproximately vintage brooch2 vintage brooch1/2 vintage brooch" vintage brooch(6.4 vintage broochcm) vintage broochlong vintage broochand vintage brooch2" vintage brooch(5.1 vintage broochcm vintage brooch) vintage broochwide.Previously vintage broochowned vintage broochand vintage broochin vintage broochexcellent vintage broochvintage vintage broochcondition.CP291

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