Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver plated bezel, Jewelry Making Supplies- Bezel Settings- Cabochon Setting- Silver Tone- 18 mm - Set of 2



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Pendant cabochon settingor cabochon settingnecklace cabochon settingblank cabochon settingbezel cabochon settingsetting cabochon settingsilver cabochon settingplated cabochon settingbrass cabochon settingPerfect cabochon settingfor cabochon settinguse cabochon settingwith cabochon settingButtons, cabochon settingResin, cabochon settingPolymer cabochon settingClay cabochon settingor cabochon settingCabochons. cabochon setting cabochon settingThe cabochon settinglast cabochon settingphoto cabochon settingshows cabochon settingan cabochon settingexample cabochon settingof cabochon settinghow cabochon settinga cabochon settingglass cabochon settingbutton cabochon settinglooks cabochon settingset cabochon settinginto cabochon settingthe cabochon settingbezel. cabochon setting cabochon settingSize: cabochon setting18mmqty: cabochon setting2See cabochon settingmore cabochon settingin cabochon settingmy cabochon settingshop- cabochon settingstonesandpaper.

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