Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

findings, 30 inch .925 sterling silver 1.2mm box chain necklace with lobster clasp Perfect for my pendants simple shiny



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This silver.925 silverstamped silversterling silversilver silverbox silverchain silveris silver1.2 silvermm silverwide silverwith silverlobster silverclasp. silverThis silverlisting silveris silverfor silverone silver30" silverchain. silver silverThese silvergo silvergreat silverwith silvermy silverpendants silveror silverany silverpendant silveryou silvermay silverwant silverto silverwear! silverPretty silverand silversimple silvernecklace silverfor silvereveryday!I silveralso silveroffer silver16-30" silverlengths silverin silverlink silverand silversnake silverchains, silverlisted silverseparately.

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