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gold, Genuine Oval White Sapphire Earrings



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The goldprice goldof goldwhite goldsapphires goldhave goldwent goldup goldsignificantly golddue goldto goldthe goldhigh golddemands goldfor goldthe golduse goldof goldreplacing golddiamonds.But goldhere goldit goldis!Genuine goldOval goldWhite goldSapphire, goldset goldin golda goldsterling goldsilver goldsetting.A goldunique goldshape goldfor golda goldsapphire goldas goldwellThese goldgenuine goldWhite goldSapphires goldmeasure gold7x5mm goldand goldweigh gold1.50tw.Origin: goldSri goldLankaColor goldDClarity goldVVS/IFThese goldsapphires goldcan goldbe goldreset goldin14k gold goldwhite, goldyellow goldor goldrose goldgold goldat goldthe goldmarket goldprice.Layaway goldavailable.

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