Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement earrings, rectangle passage earrings in sterling silver



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Sterling open earringssilver open earringsopen open earringspassage open earringsearrings. open earringsLined open earringstextured open earringsgives open earringsgreat open earringsdimension open earringsto open earringsthese open earringslight open earringsweight open earringsearrings. open earringsMeasures open earringsapprox open earrings1.5 open earringsinches open earringsfrom open earringsbase open earringsof open earringsfrench open earringshook open earringsin open earringslength open earringsby open earrings3/4 open earringsinch open earringsin open earringswidth.

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