Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Flower Girl Necklace bridal necklace, Floating Pearl Necklacebridal necklace, Illusion Wedding Jewelry



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Flower minimal necklaceGirl minimal necklaceNecklace minimal necklace, minimal necklaceFloating minimal necklacePearl minimal necklaceNecklace, minimal necklaceIllusion minimal necklaceWedding minimal necklaceJewelryMaterials: minimal necklaceglass minimal necklacepearl, minimal necklacecrystal, minimal necklaceillusion minimal necklacecord, minimal necklacelobster minimal necklaceclasp minimal necklacewith minimal necklaceextender minimal necklacechainColor: minimal necklacewhite/ minimal necklaceivory/ minimal necklacechampagne/ minimal necklaceor minimal necklaceany minimal necklaceother minimal necklacecolors.

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