Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hurstjewelry, Angel Brooch - Angel and Cherubs - Swarovski Crystals - Pink Cameo Brooch - Pin or Pendant - Brooch for Women - Angel Gift - Large Cameo Pin



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Angel angelbrooch angelwith angelangel angeland angelcherub angelresin angelcameo angelin angelan angelantiqued angelsilverplated angelsetting. angel angelAccented angelwith angelbrilliant angelVintage angelRose angelAB angelSwarovski angelcrystals. angel angelThe angelpinback angelhas angela angelbail angelso angelit angelcan angelalso angelbe angelworn angelas angela angelpendant. angel angelMeasures angel2 angel1/2 angelinches angellong. angelA angelgift angelbox angelis angelincluded. angelMany angelother angelcameo angelitems angelavailable angelin angelour angelshop!

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