Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hexagondelicate, Necklace in Gold



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Hexagon goldGold-Plated goldNecklaceA goldsix-sided goldpolygon. goldDelicate goldand goldclassic goldhoneycomb golddesign goldin goldgold. gold..........................Specifications:Material: gold gold gold goldChain goldand goldCharm- goldGold goldPlated, goldmatte goldfinish goldSize: gold gold gold goldCharm- gold10mm goldwidth goldand gold10mm goldtall gold gold goldChain- gold16 goldor gold18 goldinches goldlong. goldYou goldchoose.You goldcan goldsee goldthem goldwith goldthe goldHexagon goldearrings goldin goldthe goldthird goldphotograph. goldThis goldlisting goldis goldfor goldthe goldnecklace goldonly.

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