Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

genuine, 1.80ct Chrome Diopside Emerald Cut Pendant



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Genuine chrome diopsideChrome chrome diopsideDiopside chrome diopsidemeasureing chrome diopside8x8mm chrome diopside= chrome diopside1.80ctOrigin: chrome diopsideRussiaBeautiful chrome diopsidebeautiful chrome diopsidegreen chrome diopsideand chrome diopsidein chrome diopsidean chrome diopsideemerald chrome diopsideshape.Set chrome diopsidein chrome diopsidea chrome diopsidesterling chrome diopsidesilver chrome diopsideand chrome diopsidean chrome diopside8 chrome diopsideprong chrome diopsidesetting chrome diopsidemakes chrome diopsidethis chrome diopsidegem chrome diopsideaffordableChain chrome diopsideincludedLayaway chrome diopsideavailable

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