Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Canadacanadian flag, white leather drawstring pouch with a leaf glass charmcanadian flag, 3" x 1.5" adjustable 36" red nylon neck cord



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Artisan leafcrafted leafin leafUSA leafReady leafto leafshipCanada, leafwhite leafleather leafdrawstring leafpouch leafwith leafa leafleaf leafglass leafcharm, leaf3" leafx leaf1.5" leafadjustable leaf36" leafred leafnylon leafneck leafcord leafThe leafleather leafis leafall leafhand leafcut leafand leafthe leafpouch leafis leafmachine leafstitched leafwith leafindustrial leafnylon leafthread. leafShipping leafwithin leafthe leafUSA leafvia leafUSPS leafwith leafdelivery leafconfirmation.Handcrafted leafwith leafpride leafin leafAmerica

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