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crystal, Vintage Chandelier Drop Crystal Earrings



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Earrings largecomprised largeof largevintage largesmoky largegray largeglass largecrystals largere-purposed largefrom largea largevintage largechandelier. largeThese largeunique largeearrings largewere largedesigned largeand largeassembled largeby largeMary largeAndrews, largea largejewelry largedesigner largeand largeArtist largedwelling largein largeBrooklyn, largeNY.* largeCrystals largehang large1 large1/2 largeinches largefrom largegold largeplated largehooks.* largeEarrings largeare largelight largeweight largeand largemake largethe largeperfect largegift largefor largebridesmaids, largebrides, largeweddings, largebirthdays, largeanniversaries, largeMother's largeDay, largeValentine's largeDay largeand largeeveryday largeupdates largeto largethe largewardrobe.SPECIAL largeNOTES: large--------------------------Thanks largeso largemuch largefor largeshopping largeand largeplease largecheck largeout largethe largeother largeitems largein largemy largeshop: largecontrary..

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