Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ivy bandsleaf band, sterling silver leaf rings .



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Reminiscent sterling silverof sterling silverthe sterling silverlovely sterling silverleaves sterling silverand sterling silvervines sterling silverof sterling silverspring, sterling silverthis sterling silverstunning sterling silverlittle sterling silverband sterling silveris sterling silversimple sterling silverand sterling silvereye sterling silvercatching. sterling silverTiny sterling silverleaves sterling silverwreath sterling silverthe sterling silversurface, sterling silverraised sterling silverup sterling silverfrom sterling silverthe sterling silverband.This sterling silverdesign sterling silveris sterling silvertimeless!I sterling silvermolded sterling silverthe sterling silveroriginal sterling silverfrom sterling silvera sterling silverset sterling silverof sterling silvervintage sterling silverrings sterling silverI sterling silverfound sterling silverat sterling silvera sterling silverlittle sterling silverjewelry sterling silverstore sterling silverin sterling silverSan sterling silverFrancisco. sterling silver sterling silverI sterling silverjust sterling silverlove sterling silverthis sterling silverdesign, sterling silverit sterling silveris sterling silverso sterling silverpretty!This sterling silverlisting sterling silveris sterling silverfor sterling silverready sterling silverto sterling silvership sterling silverrings sterling silverin sterling silverspecific sterling silversizes. sterling silverSize sterling silver5, sterling silver6mm sterling silverwideSize sterling silver10.75, sterling silver6mm sterling silverwideSize sterling silver5.5, sterling silver3mm sterling silverwideSize sterling silver8.25, sterling silver3mm sterling silverthin. sterling silver(This sterling silveris sterling silverthe sterling silverthin sterling silverband sterling silverin sterling silverthe sterling silverpicture).Cast sterling silverin sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silverand sterling silvercarefully sterling silvergiven sterling silvera sterling silverhigh sterling silverpolish. sterling silverIf sterling silveryou sterling silverwant sterling silverit sterling silverblackened sterling silverI sterling silvercan sterling silverdo sterling silverthat, sterling silverjust sterling silverselect sterling silver'blackened' sterling silverat sterling silvercheckout.Please sterling silvernote sterling silverthat sterling silverI sterling silveronly sterling silveruse sterling silverrecycled sterling silvermetals sterling silverin sterling silvermy sterling silvercreations.

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