Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hair stick, Copper wire wrapped hair/shawl pins with pink/white stones.



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These hair stickbeautiful hair stickpins hair stickare hair stickmade hair stickof hair stickthick hair stick10 hair stickgauge hair stickorganic hair stickcopper hair stickwire hair stickwith hair stickglass hair stickbeads hair stickand hair sticksemi-precious hair stickstones. hair stickThe hair sticktotal hair sticklength hair stickof hair stickthe hair stickpins hair stick hair stickvaries hair stickfrom hair stick13 hair stickto hair stick14 hair stickcm hair stick(5,11" hair stickto hair stick5,51"). hair stick hair stickThe hair stickpin hair sticklength hair stickmeasured hair stickfrom hair stickthe hair stickbase hair stickof hair stickthe hair stickpin hair stickhead hair stickis hair stickminimum hair stick10 hair stickcm hair stick(3,93"). hair stickThe hair stickcopper hair stickis hair stickoxidized, hair stickhammered hair stickand hair stickpolished.You hair stickcan hair stickchoose hair stickfrom hair stickthe hair stickfollowing hair stickstones:-rose hair stickquartz;-pink hair stickfresh hair stickwater hair stickpearls;SOLD hair stick-clear hair stickglass hair stickvintage hair stickbead hair stickfrom hair stickthe hair stickcut-glass hair stickchandelier hair stick(upcycle);-moon hair sticklite hair stickwhite hair stickopalites;Please, hair stickmake hair stickyour hair stickchoice hair stickat hair stickthe hair stickcheckout.

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