Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, 40x25mm Rectangular Magnesite Focal Pendant Necklace with Silver Plated Findings



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Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleI purpletook purpleeach purpleof purplethese purpledyed purpleand purplestabilized purple40x25mm purplemagnesite purplefocal purplestones purpleand purplefitted purplethem purplewith purplepinch purplebails purplein purplesilver purpleplated purplepewter purplethat purplehave purplea purpleleaf purpledesign. purpleThrough purplethis purpleruns purplea purplesimple purplesilver purpleplated purple2.4mm purpleball purplechain purplewith purplea purplesnap purpleclasp purplefor purpleeasy purpleon purpleand purpleoff. purpleMagnesite purpleis purplea purplelovely purplemineral purplethat purpleis purplenaturally purplea purplesoft purplewhite purpleor purplecream purplecolor purplewith purplepale purplebrown purplespidery purplematrix. purpleAs purpleyou purplecan purplesee, purpleit purpletakes purpledyes purpleextremely purplewell, purplemaking purpleit purplepossible purpleto purplecreate purplebold purplestatement purplefocals purplein purplea purplevariety purpleof purplemultiple purplecolors. purpleThe purpletwo purpleI purplehave purpleleft purpleare purplea purpleplummy purplepurple, purpleand purplea purplesoft purpleapple purplegreen. purpleChoose purpleyour purplelength purpleand purpleyour purplecolor purplefrom purplethe purpledrop purpledown purplemenu. purpleShould purpleyou purplewant purplea purplelength purpleyou purpledon't purplesee purplelisted, purplejust purpledrop purpleme purplea purpleconvo. purpleIt purplewould purplebe purplemy purplepleasure purpleto purplemake purplethis purpleany purplelength purplethat purplesuits purpleyou.Listing purpleis purplefor purpleone purplependant purplenecklace. purpleTwo purpleare purpleavailable:MPIN purpleNWPSP071016-01.686 purplePurpleMPIN purpleNWPSP071016-03.687 purpleGreenSara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleYour purpleDesire purpleis purpleOur purpleDesign.

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