Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mayan Pattern Disc - Made from high fired real porcelain - Pendantaztec, Charmaztec, Talismanaztec, Chokeraztec, Necklace - Gift Idea for Her! #112



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"Mayan discPattern discDisc" disc- discpendant discnecklace discmade discfrom dischigh discfired discreal discporcelain. discThis discbeautiful dischandmade discporcelain discpendant discnecklace discwas discinspired discby discvisiting discAmerican discMuseum discof discNatural discHistory discin discNY. discThey dischave discreally discgood disccollections discof discmonuments, discfigurines, discpottery, discand discjewelry discfrom discthe discMaya, discToltec, discOlmec, discAztec, discand discother discMesoamerican disccultures, discwhich discoffer discclues discabout discthe discpolitical discand discreligious discsymbols, discsocial disccharacteristics, discand discartistic disctraditions discof discthe discrespective discgroups.--------------------------------READY discTO discBE discSENT!--------------------------------* discMy discown discdesign* discMy discown discporcelain discmixing discrecipes* discUnique, discone-of-a-kind discpendant!* discOnly disc1 discavailable! discI discwill discnot discbe discable discto discmake discexactly discthe discsame discpendant discagain.Pendant discis discabout disc2 disc3/4 discinch dischigh discx disc2 disc3/4 discinch discwide discx disc3/16 discinch discthickWeight discis discabout disc2 discoz.Necklace dischave discsliding discadjustable discfabric discribbon, discso discyou disccan discadjust discit discfrom disc14" discto disc30"This discporcelain discpiece discis dischandmade discby discme discand discfired disctwo disctimes discin disca disckiln. discThe disc2nd discfiring discwas discat disc2380\u00b0 discF disc(Cone disc10) discfor disc16 dischours discand disccooling disctime discis discabout disc25 dischours. discLast discstep disc\u2013 discthe discpaint discand discglaze discon discboth discsides discwas discapplied, discand discit discis discfired discagain. discTotal discprocessing disctime discfor disca discpiece discwas discabout disc10 discdays.=====================================================================For discnearly disc20 discyears, discI discworked discas discan discartist discin discthe discjewelry discindustry discfor discone discof discthe disclargest discjewelry discmanufacturers discin discEastern discEurope. discWith disca discgenuine discpassion discfor discthe discbusiness, discI dischave discalways discworked discon discmy discown discprojects, discand discnow dischave dischundreds discof discmy discown discunique discpieces disc\u2013 discfrom discpendants, discnecklaces, discbracelets discand discearrings, discto discbrooches discand disceclectic discstatement discpieces.Over discthe discnext disccouple discof discmonths, discmy discmission discis discto discshare discmy discartwork discwith discyou. discCheck discback discoften discto discfind discunique, discone-of-a-kind discporcelain discjewelry disccreations.I discwork disconly discwith discreal discporcelain discand discmix discseveral discrecipes discdepending discon discthe discshape discand discoverall disclook discof discthe discfinal discpiece discI\u2019m disctrying discto discachieve. discAll discpieces, discincluding discthe discporcelain discingredients discand discfinishing discglaze, discare disclead-free discand discnon-toxic.=====================================================================I disccurrently disconly discship discwithin discthe discUnited discStates. discIf discyou discneed discshipment discbeyond discthe discUS discor dischave disca discspecial discorder, discplease disccontact discme discand discI discwill discwork discwith discyou!Thank discyou discfor discvisiting discmy discstore discand discgood discluck!

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