Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cameo, Cat Necklace - Cat Jewelry - Blue and White - Cat Cameo - Gift for Cat Lover - Cat Jewelry Gift - Cat Gift Idea - Free Shipping



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Cat cameonecklace. cameoLight cameoblue cameoand cameowhite cameoresin cameocameo cameoin cameoan cameoantiqued cameosilverplated cameosetting. cameo cameoAccented cameowith cameobrilliant cameoSwarovski cameocrystals. cameo cameoThe cameooverall cameolength cameoof cameothe cameopendant cameo(including cameothe cameojump cameoring) cameois cameo1 cameo1/2 cameoinches cameoand cameo1 cameoinch cameowide. cameo cameoAn cameo18 cameoinch cameosilverplated cameochain cameois cameoincluded. cameo(will cameosubstitute cameoa cameo16 cameoinch cameoif cameoneeded).This cameocat cameonecklace cameois cameowould cameomake cameoa cameonice cameogift cameofor cameoa cameocat cameolover. cameoMany cameoother cameopieces cameoof cameocat cameojewelry cameoin cameoour cameoshop!A cameogift cameobox cameois cameoincluded.

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