Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k Gold Round Signet Ringmonogram ring, Monogrammonogram ring, Graduation Ringmonogram ring, Alternative Wedding Bandmonogram ring, Initial Ring



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**PRODUCT 14k ringDETAILSGraduation 14k ringRing, 14k ringAlternative 14k ringWedding 14k ringBand, 14k ringInitial 14k ringRing14K 14k ringYellow 14k ringGold 14k ringSignet 14k ringRingAvailable 14k ringin 14k ring14K 14k ringRose, 14k ringYellow, 14k ringand 14k ringWhite 14k ringgold.**PERSONALIZATIONEngraving 14k ringis 14k ringoptional. 14k ringYou 14k ringmay 14k ringchoose 14k ringto 14k ringengrave 14k ringyour 14k ringinitials 14k ringin 14k ringany 14k ringstyle 14k ringthat 14k ringyou 14k ringprefer. 14k ringPlease 14k ringsend 14k ringme 14k ringa 14k ringphoto 14k ringof 14k ringwhat 14k ringyou 14k ringwould 14k ringlike 14k ringengraved 14k ringor 14k ringI 14k ringcan 14k ringengrave 14k ringrings 14k ringin 14k ringa 14k ringsimilar 14k ringmonogram 14k ringstyle 14k ringto 14k ringthe 14k ringring 14k ringin 14k ringthe 14k ringphoto. 14k ring**PRODUCT 14k ringQUALITYAleha 14k ringJewelry 14k ringuses 14k ringsolid 14k ring14K 14k ringgold, 14k ringnatural 14k ringgemstones, 14k ringand 14k ringgenuine 14k ringdiamonds 14k ring(both 14k ringraw 14k ringand 14k ringpolished.)**SHIPPING:Aleha 14k ringJewelry 14k ringis 14k ringcustomized 14k ringand 14k ringhandmade 14k ringto 14k ringorder. 14k ringPlease 14k ringallow 14k ringapproximately 14k ring7-10 14k ringbusiness 14k ringdays 14k ringfrom 14k ringthe 14k ringday 14k ringyour 14k ringorder 14k ringwas 14k ringplaced 14k ringand 14k ringadditionally 14k ring3-5 14k ringbusiness 14k ringdays 14k ringto 14k ringbe 14k ringshipped.All 14k ringmerchandise 14k ringwill 14k ringbe 14k ringshipped 14k ringthrough 14k ringEMS 14k ring(Express 14k ringMail 14k ringService) 14k ringand 14k ringwill 14k ringbe 14k ringprovided 14k ringa 14k ringtracking 14k ringnumber.With 14k ringmultiple 14k ringpurchases, 14k ringyou 14k ringwill 14k ringonly 14k ringbe 14k ringcharged 14k ringfor 14k ringshipping 14k ringonce.**RETURNS/EXCHANGESDue 14k ringto 14k ringthe 14k ringnature 14k ringof 14k ringhandmade 14k ringjewelry, 14k ringeach 14k ringorder 14k ringis 14k ringmade 14k ringto 14k ringorder 14k ringand 14k ringcustomized 14k ringto 14k ringthe 14k ringcustomer. 14k ringTherefore, 14k ringAleha 14k ringJewelry 14k ringcannot 14k ringaccept 14k ringreturns. 14k ring 14k ringExchanges 14k ringare 14k ringmade 14k ringcase 14k ringby 14k ringcase 14k ringand 14k ringin 14k ringspecial 14k ringcircumstances. 14k ringPlease 14k ringcontact 14k ringus 14k ringfor 14k ringfurther 14k ringdetails.

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