Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Dyed Agate Slice Pendant Necklace in Purple and Gold Colors



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Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleI purpletook purplethis purpledelicate purpleagate purpleslice purplethat purplehad purplebeen purpledyed purplein purplesoft purpleshades purpleof purplepale purplepurple purpleand purplegold purpleand purpletopped purpleit purplewith purplea purpleshield-design purplegold-plated purplepinch purplebail. purpleThe purpleslice purplemeasures purpleapproximately purple47x28x3mm.I purplethen purplecrafted purplean purple18-inch purplegold-plated purplecurb purplechain purpleto purplego purplewith purplethe purplependant. purpleThe purplechain purplenecklace purpleterminates purplein purplea purplegold-plated purplefold-over purpleclasp. purpleRemember, purpleif purpleyou purpleshould purplewant purplea purpledifferent purplelength purplechain, purplejust purplechoose purpleyour purplefavorite purplelength purplefrom purplethe purpledrop purpledown purplemenu.My purpleMPIN purpleNWP purpleGP080116-04.586Sara purpleJewelry purpleDesign. purpleYour purpleDesire purpleis purpleOur purpleDesign.

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