Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, 30 inch .925 sterling silver 1mm snake chain necklace Perfect for my pendants smooth shiny round simple basic lightweight lobster clasp gift



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This sterling.925 sterlingsterling sterlingsilver sterlingsnake sterlingchain sterlingis sterling1mm sterlingwide sterlingwith sterlinglobster sterlingclasp sterlingand sterling.925 sterlingstamped sterlingtag. sterlingThis sterlinglisting sterlingis sterlingfor sterlingone sterling30" sterlingchain. sterling sterlingThese sterlinggo sterlinggreat sterlingwith sterlingmy sterlingpendants sterlingor sterlingany sterlingpendant sterlingyou sterlingmay sterlingwant sterlingto sterlingwear! sterlingPretty sterlingand sterlingsimple sterlingnecklace sterlingfor sterlingeveryday! sterling1.2mm sterlingthick, sterlingnice sterlingand sterlingdurable.I sterlinghave sterlingthese sterlingavailable sterlingseparately sterlingin sterling16, sterling18, sterling20, sterling22, sterling24 sterlingand sterling30 sterlinginch.

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