Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unheated sapphire, pale pink Sapphire gemstone (unheated - cut in Sri Lanka) - 3.7mm round



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Gem roundrough roundwas roundsourced roundand roundcut roundin roundSri roundLanka, roundthe roundland roundof roundSapphires. round roundThis roundgemstone roundis round3.7mm roundround roundand roundweighs round0.235 roundcts.I roundhave rounda roundco-op roundpartnership roundwith roundthe roundSri roundLankan roundvendor. round roundSo roundevery roundsale roundof roundtheir roundgems roundhelps roundTWO roundsmall roundbusinesses! round roundThey roundalso roundtake roundcustom roundrequests, roundif roundyou roundlike roundtheir roundgems, roundbut roundwant rounddifferent roundshapes, roundcolors, roundetc.This roundcould roundbe roundkept roundas roundpart roundof rounda roundgem roundcollection, roundor roundmounted roundinto roundany roundpiece roundof roundjewelry roundyou rounddesire. round roundFREE roundshipping roundinside roundthe roundUS.ID# roundSAPP-RMT-79

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