Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Good Quality chrome deopsite beads 3 to 4mm sizenatural, Rondelle facetednatural, Strand 13 inch Long natural,Genuine In Wholesale rates



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These roundbeads roundchrome rounddeopsite roundshows roundproperties roundat roundits roundbest,the roundcolor roundis roundunique roundthese roundare roundavailable roundin roundthree roundsizes.3 roundto round3.5 roundmm3.5 roundto round4.mm4.5 roundto round5 roundmm5.5 roundto round6 roundmmPrice roundis roundbeen roundvaried roundaccordinglyLength roundof roundstrand-13 roundinchShape-faceted roundrondelleTreatment-none(100% roundnatural)The roundchrome rounddeopsite roundare roundbeen roundcompetitively roundprices,we roundhave rounda roundlarge roundstock.Contact roundus roundfor roundwholesale roundbuying.Visit roundour roundfull roundshop roundfor roundmore roundof roundthese

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