Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Natural Tiger Eye Faceted Straight Drill Drops Tear drops micro beads, 13" Strand - Tiger Eye Drill Drop Beads micro beads, - 5.5x3.5 mm micro beads,



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These roundbeads roundshows round roundTiger roundEye round roundproperties roundat roundits roundbest,the roundcolor roundis roundunique roundthese roundare roundavailable roundin roundthree roundsizes.Price roundis roundbeen roundvaried roundaccordinglyLength roundof roundstrand-13 roundinchShape-tear rounddrops roundTreatment-none(100% roundnatural)The round roundTiger roundEye round roundare roundbeen roundcompetitively roundprices,we roundhave rounda roundlarge roundstock.Contact roundus roundfor roundwholesale roundbuying.Visit roundour roundfull roundshop roundfor roundmore roundof roundthese

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