Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

neutral, Peacock Pearl Bracelet



In stock



Lustrous togglefreshwater togglepearl togglebeads togglein togglepeacock togglecolor, togglesometimes togglereferred toggleto toggleas toggleblack togglepearls, togglethese togglebeads togglereflect toggleshades toggleof togglepurple, togglegray toggleand togglegreen. toggleWith togglefaceted togglerainbow togglecrystal togglebriolettes toggleand togglesilver togglePreciosa togglecrystal togglebeads. toggle toggleFreshwater togglepearl togglebeads toggleare togglepotato toggleshaped togglewhich togglemeans togglethey toggleare togglean toggleoff-round toggleshape togglewhich togglelends toggleto togglea togglenatural, toggleearthy toggleappeal.With togglea togglehammered togglesilver toggleplated toggletoggle toggleclasp, togglethis togglebracelet togglewill togglefit togglea togglewrist togglesize toggle7 toggle- toggle7 toggle1/2 toggleinches.To togglebe toggleshipped togglein togglea togglegift togglebox.

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