Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade jewelry, Unique Hand Strung Indigo Blue & Yellow Beads Necklace with Tribal Pendant



In stock



Unique beach jewelryand beach jewelryBeautiful beach jewelryIndigo beach jewelryBlue beach jewelryand beach jewelryYellow beach jewelrySeed beach jewelryBeads beach jewelryNecklace beach jewelrywith beach jewelryGold beach jewelryTribal beach jewelryPendantLength beach jewelry- beach jewelry30 beach jewelryinchesMaterial: beach jewelrymixed beach jewelryof beach jewelryseed beach jewelrybeadssilk beach jewelrythreadPendant: beach jewelry beach jewelry24K beach jewelrygold beach jewelryplated beach jewelrypendant, beach jewelrytarnish beach jewelryresistant beach jewelry1.5 beach jewelryinchesShip beach jewelrywithin beach jewelry1 beach jewelrybusiness beach jewelryday beach jewelry& beach jewelrythank beach jewelryyou beach jewelryfor beach jewelrysupporting beach jewelrysmall beach jewelrybusinessPresentation: beach jewelryEach beach jewelrypiece beach jewelryof beach jewelryjewelry beach jewelrycome beach jewelryin beach jewelrya beach jewelrygift beach jewelrybox beach jewelryand beach jewelryjewelry beach jewelrybag beach jewelrywith beach jewelrya beach jewelrywatercolor beach jewelrycard beach jewelryhand beach jewelrywritten beach jewelrythank beach jewelryyou beach jewelrynoteSay beach jewelryhello beach jewelryon beach jewelryInstagram beach [email protected]

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