Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Limited stock Good Quality ZebraJasper beads 2 to 3 mm sizeshaded, Rondelle facetedshaded, Strand 13 inch Long shaded,Genuine In Wholesale



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These redbeads redshows redZebra redJasper red redproperties redat redits redbest,the redcolor redis redunique redthese redare redavailable redin redthree redsizes.2 redto red2.5 redmmPrice redis redbeen redvaried redaccordinglyLength redof redstrand-13 redinchShape-faceted redrondelleTreatment-none(100% rednatural)The red redZebra redJasper red red redare redbeen redcompetitively redprices,we redhave reda redlarge redstock.Contact redus redfor redwholesale redbuying.Visit redour redfull redshop redfor redmore redof redthese

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