Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Purple swirl crazy lace agate pendantagate focal bead, pink and grayagate focal bead, agate healing stone jewelryagate focal bead, large gemstone pendantagate focal bead, semiprecious stoneagate focal bead, flat back



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This purple pendantgorgeous purple pendantpurple purple pendantswirl purple pendantcrazy purple pendantlace purple pendantagate purple pendantpendant purple pendanthas purple pendantswirls purple pendantof purple pendantpurple, purple pendantpink purple pendantand purple pendantgray. purple pendant purple pendantAgate purple pendanthealing purple pendantstone purple pendantjewelry, purple pendantlarge purple pendantgemstone purple pendantpendant, purple pendantsemiprecious purple pendantstone, purple pendantflat purple pendantback.Purple purple pendantcrazy purple pendantlace purple pendantagate purple pendantpendantFlat purple pendantback2 purple pendant1/4inches purple pendantx purple pendant1 purple pendant1/2 purple pendantinches

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